Pop Top Tug O' War Toy

Pop Top Tug O' War Toy

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Pop a cold one for your pup! Here’s a throw back to soda cans with pull tabs made into a tug toy. Built from durable rubber to provide lots of tugging fun for dogs of all sizes.

DURABLE: Made from durable, natural rubber. Designed for dogs of all sizes

    TUG-O-WAR!: Enjoy a great old game of tug-o-war with your best Fur-Buddy. Designed with handle for you and one for your dog.

    NOT A CHEW TOY: This toy is for tugging. It is not a chew toy. Do not leave your dog unattended with the Pop Top Tug Toy.

      SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Made from SodaPup's proprietary natural rubber compound, which strikes the optimal balance between durability and chewiness.

        ANIMAL & PLANET FRIENDLY: Material is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable.Sustainably harvested helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 

          MADE IN USA: Proudly keeping jobs in America! Designed and manufactured in the USA!


              VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Veterinarian Approved!