Colorful Colorado
Colorful Colorado

Colorful Colorado

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The story starts in the magical land. Oh-No is playing on his pad underneath a raindrop tree. Oh-No’s sister, Sweet Pea, approaches and convinces Oh-No that it is time for an adventure and to put the pad away. Soon after, their entire family decides to “poof” (travel) from the magical land to Colorado.

While in Colorado, they poof from place to place, visiting some of the state’s most historic landmarks. Finally, they end up at a ski resort. While on the mountain, Oh-No’s curiosity lands him in a ski race, and what ensues is pure entertainment.


Your book has 50 total pages, with the following dimensions:


  • Trim Width: 17.776 inches
  • Trim Height: 11.250 inches
  • Spine Width: 0.276 inches