Lavender Mint Lotion Bar

Lavender Mint Lotion Bar

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Our Signature Scent - A love for peppermint + lavender is pretty much why it all started. It's like a spa in a bar. When there is a question, this is the answer.

♫ "Frankie Say Relax." - Frankie Goes To Hollywood


Puck: 4 ounces Dimensions: 3.5" diameter metal tin Pthalate-Free Paraben-Free Cruelty-Free Try one! It really is a body lotion in a bar. These are made with nourishing solid butters like coconut, shea, & cocoa- combined with just the right amount of beeswax, it’s moisturizing, but not greasy. Our lotion bars are made with a powerful ingredient, beeswax. Beeswax is a humectant, actively pulling moisture from the air to lock into your skin for extra hydration.