Hi, Friends! Sally, here! As we enter this new season, that often involves buying gifts for those we love, it is important to remember how valuable your purchasing power is. Until I started my own business working with artisans and creating employment myself, I did not realize the full capacity that little me had in this world. If we all chose to buy just one gift locally this season instead of at a big box store, hundreds of thousands of lives could be positively impacted. There is a quote by Eduardo Galeano that I often refer to, "Many people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world." Small businesses are who tie our community together, who open their doors to all. By supporting them, you are helping your community become a better place. I challenge you this year to be mindful of where you shop. There are so many creative, locally-owned shops that provide you with unique giftable options! I specifically invite you to check out all of the merchants in our neighborhood, Automobile Alley. 



October 02, 2018 — Sally January