Many restaurants + retails have been left to scramble to make ends meet during this time of shut down due to the COVID-19 virus. I want my local community to make it through the tough times. There are so many ways we can help. 

I wanted to share my ideas on REAL, ACTIONABLE ways to support small businesses + restaurants right now regardless of your financial ability—

  1. Like + follow your favorite shops + restaurants on social media, this is their sole way of communicating with you during these times. 
  2. Share their page, posts + deals online so that friends + family can know about these businesses. 
  3. Leave a positive review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. These reviews translate into actual sales for small businesses. 
  4. If you are ordering take-out, be very intentional where you spend your money. Choose local, small restaurants owned by those in your community who are working hard to keep you + their families fed. 
  5. Is it someone’s birthday or special time? Send them a gift from a locally-owned shop. With purchase, most will deliver, wrap, write a card, do handstands for you, all for FREE because they are here to serve YOU. 
  6. Are you out of a necessity at home? Think about local shops who may carry that product, like I said, they will probably deliver it for FREE to you or walk it out to your car with a smile. 
  7. If you have the financial means, buy gift cards, take advantage of the sales + purchase online from local retailers whenever possible. 
  8. Tip generously to delivery drivers, food service workers + those serving you.