Siempre Viva got its first home 2.5 years ago, when I applied to get free rent in a pop-up space. I won the contest and our storefront was born. Through that opportunity, I met my next landlord, Steve Mason. With his support, I was able to move into a permanent space on 9th street in Automobile Alley, Oklahoma City. 

I am so grateful that I have been able to call 9th street home for the last two years. Our style, shop + brand has grown beyond measure. We have built the dream team to keep Siempre Viva moving forward. 

This year we opened a second location in Colorado, which is booming + requiring more of my attention than ever. In addition to that, Los Libros Bookstore opens in Beaver Creek this Thanksgiving. Our expansion has left us wanting to present our merchandise in the same way as we do in Colorado. However, our current space prevents us from expanding. 

My kids started kindergarten at an amazing discovery school this past month + I finally have more dedicated time to work + practice yoga. However, my new, round-trip drive is around 3 hours. I am at a point in my life where I am lucky enough and recognize that I can create my own boundaries + work/life balance.  With my life + work evolving, I knew something had to change. 

Through the small Oklahoma world of Beaver Creek, I met a new landlord, the owner of Brookhaven Village, a small, upscale shopping center just a bike-ride away from my home in Norman, Oklahoma. I am not sure how I won the landlord lottery this year, but he is amazing. He is helping me build out a brand-spanking new space that will match our Colorado location in style + size. We will have our offices on the same floor as our showroom (which means no more running stairs in heels with boxes). 

It has come full circle, as I started my business in Norman out of my home office, now we are moving back to Norman, but in the most perfect location, next door to the new Organic Squeeze in Brookhaven Village. We will be back in my community, back in my village. I am SO excited to open our doors in our brand new space in Norman this October! Then, we will officially have 3 retail locations in 2 states! Wow, life is insanely good! 



September 06, 2019 — Sally January