Ever wonder what is means to buy for an Ethical Boutique?

We'll let you into our world a little bit and hopefully, give you a better understanding of how thoughtfully our products are selected.

The first thing we do when we find a brand we're interested in, is ask some tough, but important questions. Such as, 

+ Does it have a "give back" component? 

This could be providing scholarships to first generation college students, donating proceeds to the national parks, or helping to build schools in underserved areas. 

+ Is the company female owned/run?

We at Siempre Viva stick behind the motto that Babes Support Babes! We have several female owned brands in our shop. Everything from cards + stationary, to jewelry, to leather goods. We love supporting fellow female entrepreneurs!

+ Is it earth friendly?

We love Mother Earth, so we always try to be mindful and choose products that are working hard to keep her in good shape! This includes brands who use, recycled leather, plant dyed fabrics, recycled paper, and/or donating proceeds to environmental causes.

+ Does the company own their own production facility?

A common misconception occurs when we come across a tag that reads "Made in China." While we can understand the natural inclination to question whether the brand is produced ethically or in a sweat shop, we can assure that any item in our shop that is made in China has been well researched! We ensure that the owner frequents these facilities and/or owns their own production facility + maintains standards equally as high as ours.

+ Are their employees paid + treated fairly?

As a company who employs over 50 women + families in southern Mexico, we see firsthand the need for high working standards. This includes, being paid a fair living (not minimum) wage, a clean and safe space to work, lunch breaks, etc. We hold the same standard for the brands we bring into Siempre Viva.

If the brand can meet one or more of these criteria, we can feel good about moving forward + bringing them into Siempre Viva.

We want to provide a shopping experience in which you can feel good about each purchase you make with us, knowing that you are supporting companies and people who care. Care about the the product, care about the earth, and care about each other!


February 22, 2019 — Sally January