Winter Mix Scented Matches

$14.00 $22.95
By Skeem

Escape to an eclectic alpine chalet nestled deep in the mountains with Winter Remix. Capturing the freshness of the great outdoors, a rugged blend of fresh cedar, leather, and black mahogany is paired with notes of bergamot, saffron flowers, and white oak. Bold vessels enriched with gold details and a metallic ombre finish are an enchanting image when arranged around the room.

Our Winter Remix Scented Matches have a striker flint on the tube and contain approximately 60 matchsticks. Strike one up for a quick refresh, or light candles in style while infusing the room with fragrance.

- Tube: 5” tall x 2” in diameter
- Approx. 60 scented matchsticks
- striker on back of tube